Turkish Patent

Patent Registration in Turkey

Inventions and discoveries must be registered to legally protect their production and working properties and own their proprietary rights.

Registration of your invention out of Turkey does not provide legal protection in Turkey.



Patent Renewal in Turkey

The Patent protection period with Examination is 20 years, patent protection period without Examination is 7 years and utility model protection period is 10 years in Turkey.



Patent Registry Procedures in Turkey

We provide service through our specialized trademark and patent Attorneys for monitoring all administrative and legal procedures of the trademarks registered with the Turkish Patent Institute (TPE).



If Your Patent is Imitated in Turkey

Turkey is a large market and thus there are there are imitated products on such a large market inevitably.

Considering the geographical and economic conditions of Turkey, it is possible for imitated products to be launched to spread to all countries of Europe, Russia, Middle East, Caucasian and Central Asia.



If Another Firm has Registered Your Patent in Turkey

Patents provide proprietary right and legal protection for the countries where they are registered in accordance with the patent law.

If you have no registration in Turkey, your patent is not protected legally.

If your product is not registered in Turkey, you may have difficulty in legal terms.



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